Sensory Week at Play to learn Kids Kreative Kamp 41

Sensory Week Activities at Play to learn Pre School

Hey there, Summer Camp friends and families! We’re thrilled to share the incredible moments from our amazing Sensory Week Activities!

 It was an unforgettable journey of exploration, creativity, and pure joy for our little adventurers.

Our campers embarked on a sensory adventure like no other, discovering the wonders of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. From vibrant colors to delightful textures, here are some of the highlights that filled our days with laughter and excitement.

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Embark on a thrilling Sensory Scavenger Hunt at Play to Learn Pre School, where children engage their senses in an interactive and educational adventure. Equipped with a checklist featuring various textures, colors, and shapes, young explorers set out to discover hidden treasures within our carefully designed play area.

They feel the softness of plush toys, observe the vibrant hues of nature, and touch rough tree bark. The hunt not only enhances their tactile senses but also encourages critical thinking and observation skills.

Messy Art Extravaganza

Unleash your child’s creativity during the Messy Art Extravaganza, a dynamic and imaginative experience at Play to Learn Pre School. In this hands-on art event, children are encouraged to dive into messy play with various art materials, including paints, clay, and more. Splashes of vibrant colors and a wonderful chaos of textures unfold as young artists express themselves freely.

The Messy Art Extravaganza is not just about creating masterpieces; it’s about the process of discovery and self-expression. As children experiment with different mediums, they enhance their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory integration. The experience also nurtures their emotional development, providing a safe space to explore feelings and ideas through art. 

Who knew creating art could be so delightfully messy? Our little Picassos unleashed their creativity, splashing paint, squishing clay, and exploring various materials to stimulate their senses. The results were pure masterpieces!

Sensory Water Play

Splish-splash, it was time for water fun! Our campers dove into a world of aquatic adventures, feeling the coolness, the gentle splashes, and the soothing sounds of water. It was refreshing and made for the perfect way to beat the summer heat!

We’ve captured these incredible moments in our photo album (attached below) of Sensory Week Activities. Make sure to check it out and relive the magic of Sensory Week!


We’re immensely proud of our campers for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and willingness to explore the world through their senses. Thank you to all the parents for entrusting us with your precious ones. Their smiles and laughter have truly brightened our days.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we continue to make beautiful memories this summer! Share your favorite sensory moments in the comments below.

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